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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Helpful Tips for Students on the road

As a student, it is my own duty and responsibility to keep myself safe. This is actually my own compilation of safety tips... Helpful tips on which I have found very useful over the years. Most of them are actually based on past experiences. It wont be necessary if you do have a car or your mom/dad/driver fetches you from school, but it would still be useful if you're usually on the road.

1. Look for safe and familiar routes to- and from- your school.

2. Do not bring large amounts of cash, if you dont really need to. I usually bring only what is needed, sometimes, I tag along with me my ATM card.

3. Avoid displaying your phone in public places (ex. jeepneys, sidewalks). This seems to bring unwanted presence of snatchers.

4. When riding a jeepney, use coins for your fare and make sure you put them in a separate coin purse. Aside from not giving the driver any hassle, this prevents you from taking out your wallet. Remember, snatchers could be found anywhere.

5. Do not wear expensive jewelry.

6. On rainy days, keep an umbrella in your bag so you wont get all soaked up.

7. Never talk to strangers, neither accept their invitations for a ride home, etc.

8. Use closed bags. This avoids incidents of pickpockets.

9. When riding a taxi cab, do not forget to note down the plate number. This makes your parents know you're on that cab and can immediately report if it ever happens that you dont get home on time. This also helps you contact the taxi cab driver if ever you left something on that cab.

10. Lastly, pray to your guardian angel for safety -- the most powerful safety tip.