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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My cellphone at the moment

When my dad arrived from Dubai last month, he bought me a Nokia 3500c as a Graduation Gift. It was a very handy phone, not to mention that it has a Music player. It even came in a very affordable price at DHS 503.00 (around P5000).

Small, sleek and styled for fun. A black, smoked screen gives the phone a fashionable edge, with the added reassurance of a solid metal rim to protect from scratches and bumps.

Experience pure enjoyment with a 2 megapixel camera. Keep your music at hand with up to 2GB external memory, a built-in music player and FM radio.

More on Nokia

Unfortunately, it broke down a few weeks ago. So I had to rush it to a Cellphone Repair Shop. But until now, they seem to have seen no progress since it did not respond to the newer version they installed to it. But still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, in case it comes springing back to life.

So as of now, I'm using a Nokia 6101. I bought it yesterday for a cheap price of P2700. Its a colored phone, comes with a camera and a built-in FM radio. Not that bad, isnt it. Well at least I can now call and/or text, and keep in touch with my friends.


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